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Intercultural Education in European Classrooms: Intercultural Education Partnership

This collection of papers demonstrates the role of the Intercultural Educational Partnership in the United Kingdom. It offers contributions from teachers, educationalists and academics in the field of second/additional language learning. The papers include: "Introduction: 'Learners' or 'Learned'" (Susan E. Shaw); "Second Language Pedagogy: A Value Free Zone?" (Constant Leung); "Accelerated Schooling for All Students: Research Findings on Education in Multilingual Communities" (Wayne P. Thomas and Virginia P. Collier); "Learning to Read in a Second Language: Fact and Friction" (Jim Cummins); "Lefteris Doesn't Go To School Any Longer" (Kostas Magos); "The Power of Babel: Collaboration and Empowerment (an extract)" (Viv Edwards); "'Mum, Let's Learn Together!': Some Examples of Parental Participation Using the Mother Tongue" (Joke Kypriotakis); "Teaching Academic Language to Pupils With EAL" (Carrie Cable); "A Holistic Approach to Second Language Assessment and Planning: Using and Developing the Full Repertoire" (Tim Parke); "Bilingual Teaching in a Russian-Finnish Class" (Anna Hirvoven); "Adaptation to Classroom Language" (Maria Pinzani Tanini); and "Teaching English as an Additional Language: Time For a Productive Synthesis" (Susan Jaine). (Contains 140 bibliographic references.) (SM)

  • Contributor: Shaw, Susan
  • Author's address: Stylus Publishing, LLC, P.O. Box 605, Hernden, VA 20172-0605 ($24.95). Tel: 800-232-0223 (Toll Free).
  • Date Published: 00-00
  • Year: 2000

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