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The Counselor as a Member of a Culturally Proficient School Leadership Team

The paradigm presented in this chapter is predicated on certain assumptions about the future of schools and schooling as well as the role of the school counselor. These assumptions include: the cultural and demographic profile of school counselors will continue to be different from students; the counselor will have an ever-present role on school leadership teams; although the traditional high school will continue, alternative programs will proliferate; and the counselor will have career, personal, and civic functions, and the cultural proficiency model will be inextricably linked with these functions. Through a successful diversity program, counselors will play an ever-important role in improving staff and student morale by improving the effectiveness of communication, reducing complaints, and creating a more comfortable and pleasing climate for persons in the school. As educational leaders, counselors will learn concepts and skills that can be translated into new initiatives, curricula, programs, and activities that will enrich school life for all students and staff. It is proposed that diversity programs provide information and skills needed to help improve the quality of life for school and home communities. (GCP) *Available at

  • Contributor: Lindsey, Randall B., Robins, Kikanza Nuri, Lindsey, Delores B.

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